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Aden Cosmetics Hydrating Lipstick Review

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

This is a rather overdue review haha. Wanted to post this up but have not had the chance to even wear it lol.

A little background story on Aden Cosmetics, this brand originated from Hungary. I can't really get any information out since they were mostly in Hungarian language lol but you can check out their official website (here) and their Facebook as well (here) :D

Bought four shades of the lipsticks off from Mysale, as usual. Teehee. It's gone slow by mid-year, since there's not many fun sales around. Anyways, I only got one and the rest are my colleague's. Haha.
Product: Hydrating Lipstick in 001 Simple Red

Description: This lipstick will definitely save the day; it guarantees an attractive and wonderful finish on your lips. The ultra silky formula delicately tints the lips. The look is natural and perfect for women of all ages.

Everyone will love its silky and soft texture and fascinating colours. Select from the wide range of shades, take a good care of your lips with this professional product.

Unit size: 3.5 gram
Made in Germany.
Price (during sale): RM 9

Shown are swatches on my hand and on the lips, along with the full simple cat eye look.

  • It dries matte, but does not give the drying feeling on the lips
  • lasts me for 4-5 hours and a little after lunch. left some stains on the lips so it does not wear off completely
  • no weird scent, I can tell you that! 
  • pigmentation is awesome :) as you can see on the lips >3<
I think this is more of a blue-toned red. I'm not very sure - I suck at identifying my own undertone bahahaha. Sorry folks. Then again, because of this lipstick, I have been rocking this shade a looottt. My fave red so far. !

4.5 / 5

Til then blurbers ;)

P/S: This product is not sponsored, all opinions expressed are 100% honest

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