My Day Job VS My Passion?

11:06 AM

Salam and hello!

It's known that blogging is a little passion of mine - had spent hours and coming three years to build myself in this blogging world. And still so far from that. Haha! It's best to post quality rather than quantity. Striving to give at least a few awesome posts now and then. Would love some engagement from readers too *sparklyeyes*

My other passions?

Makeup - so far I have never painted other people's faces. Lol. Networking game not strong. Haha.. I'm like a closet makeup lover IRL. You can see some of my works here.

Drawing - have been doing it since I was 11. Used to be so active when I was 13-15 years old, then started to fade away. Still drawing, only very rare. Can't really call this a passion anymore eh? Pardon the art above, this was done in 2011 :)

Food - I actually love to eat, and love to try to cook and bake. Bahaha. I have a series of my attempts, wanted to do more of them but I only have time at night. I rather catch up on my beauty sleep and restrain eating at night too hahahahha :p

Sports - I love doing them, but I don't watch sports programmes on TV. I end up avoiding this one a lot because I'm always alone? I used to do tennis and taekwondo back then. Now I'm not that active, just the gym and some body workouts and aerobics as well :)

In reality, it sounds like I'm a loner. But I really am. Haha.

What about my day job then? 

Nothing fancy really. Just a regular admin assistant for now. I usually don't tell people about my day job because people always have bad impressions when I say so. For example, I'm probably not smart, probably flunked my SPM and so forth. But in this day and age, a roll of paper does not promise you a well-paid job fresh after graduating. You also need some experience to go along with it sometimes. Well, most of the time. 

Even so, I'm currently pursuing my degree. Yeah, I don't roll normally like most of the people my age. Haha. Better late than never! Probably will do my Masters when I'm in 30s or 40s. I plan to. Hehe. Don't just assume people want to stay at that same spot until they are old. I know I don't. That's why I'm pursuing degree, to increase my chances in climbing up the corporate ladder.

Start small, dream big.

Until next time :)

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