What is in my Work Bag?

10:31 AM

Mom gave this handbag to me because she doesn't use them anymore. I have different handbags for weekends :p 

Salam and hello!

I admit, I'm currently having creative blocks! Haha. Been looking for a lot of ideas to kick back into blogging again, so pardon me when I start having meek topics for the time being. Even my "She's Like A Star" project had to be put on hold for awhile as I do not have time to do a lot of makeup lately.


Anyways! Today I would like to share with you what is in my work handbag! :p

  1. Foldable umbrella: Comes in handy not only for rainy days :D
  2. Foldable hand fan: Just in case the aircond broke down at our office or when I'm outside where it's hot lol
  3. Domo Pouch: I keep my pendrives in thereeee. Before I own a hard disk of course. 
  4. My work ID: I don't usually wear it unless necessary ahaha ;p
  5. Cables: Yeap, Iphone cable, Android cable...... 
  6. Wallet: Hot neon pink from Roxy. It's huuuugeee. Easier for me to keep more cards lol
  7. Earphone: Duhh. 
  8. Small Notebook: Some important-ish stuffs and dates in there :) 
  9. Aviator: When I'm travelling in someone else's car I had to bring on for my sensitive eye haha!
  10. Contact Lens Solution: You never know when will dusts attack your eyes out there. 
  11. Chewing Gum: For that extra fresh breathe! Pfft
  12. Keys: House and car. 
  13. Lipstain: It varies everyday according to mood :D
  14. Powerbank: Lifeeeee if our electric is out [next to the wallet]
  15. Plug head: Plug in yo cable and breathe life into ma electronics!
  16. Minnie Facial Absorbent Paper: When your makeup is on point but getting oily. Lol.
  17. Hard Disk: My anime series. My Music. Teehee.
Pardon the background and how tilted it got at the right side. My hand got shaky during panorama shooting. Lol. If you realise I don't bring any makeup other than lip products here. That's because, unless I'm having "aunty visits" monthly, most of the time I won't have makeup on. Letting my skin breathe because of my pimples and such. Haha. Plus it's easier for me to take wudhu'/ablution for prayers.

Til then blurbers :)

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