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Throwback Posts of the Past

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

Doing some throwback on a few posts of mine that I think would need more love and probably helpful to some, just in case they missed something. Teehee.

  1. Beginner's Guide: The Most Basic Brushes - A guide on makeup brushes that is needed for beginners :D
  2. Cosmetics: Halal And Haram - Guide on brands/products that is considered halal/haram
  3. 5 Tips to Choose the Right Skincare Product - Guide on choosing the right skincare for yourself
  4. Skincare, The Right Way - Guide on applying skincare products onto your skin
  5. Detox: Properly and Naturally - Suggestions on proper and natural detox ingredients
  6. Tips to Combat Impulse Shopping - Now you would not want to be short of cash everytime yes? 
  7. Save or Splurge? Makeup Products Worth Investing! - Which type of product is better to be splurged or saved upon? 
  8. Diet Talk: Carb-Cycling - One of the trick in losing weight is by cycling your carbs
  9. Hana's Beauty Tip 101 - Some beauty tips you may or may not know!
I guess that is about it! And hopefully next week I resume into my usual beauty posts! I already have some products that need to be reviewed standby so stay tuned!

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