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Yuan Handmade Soap Review

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

As promised, it has been awhile since I reviewed beauty related things. Teehee.

Yuan Soap originated from Taiwan and has formulated up to 26 different types of soaps to cater to different skin types. These soaps are categorised into five (5) categories - Sacrifice: Flower Series, Faith: Seed Series, Strength: Tree Series, Compassion: Herb Series and Diligence: Special Series.

The first time I opened up the box, felt like I was in a spa or something because of the herbal-esque scents coming out bahaha. 

Some facts on Yuan Soap:
  • 100% handmade
  • Uses natural resources without preservatives, colourings and artifical fragrance
  • Inconsistent on terms of aroma, colour and appearances - because they're natural!

Yuan's Women Soap // 50g
Diligence: Special Series
Made from a painstaking process involving 12 steps with natural herbal formula with multiple extracts to achieve in-depth cleansing and removal of excessive grease and darkening substances to restore the respiratory functions for your pores. Dedicated for those with facial acne and those who does housework.
Yuan Oat Soap // 50 g
Faith: Seed Series
Especially beneficial for those who have extremely sensitive skin or skin that is oily underneath but dry on the surface. Free from essential oils and herbs to offer pure nourishments from grains and premium oils to moisturise and provide gentle care for tender skins. Suitable for babies, children, women during and after their pregnancies.
Yuan Auspicious Soap // 50 g
Compassion: Herb Series
The Desmodium Caudatum plant is believed to bring positive energy and good luck in Taiwan and it's also used in various healing recipes including sharing the same benefits as Wild Mugwort in soothing eczema skins. Yuan soap users are known to bring this soap along while travelling or leaving a slice of soap in their bags for peace of mind purposes.

Verdict: I'm a fan of natural things by any means possible! Lol. So when I got them I was really ecstatic. I'm a little on the sensitive side, and had used them for quite sometime now. So far the Auspicious Soap is my favourite because of the smell - probably overwhelming to some but it's really calming. Haha.
4.5 / 5

Yuan Soap (阿原肥皂) is available in FULL size (100g) each at:
 P/S: Although these products are sponsored, all views expressed are 100% honest.

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