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Excapade Restaurant Miri Review

3:12 PM

Salam and hello!

Whilst I'm in the midst of review hiatus, I end up going places for food haha.

Today, we are going down the Japanese road. Dozo! So just recently, my family and I went to Excapade, located at Tanjung Lobang, Miri - opened just a few months back. Since the hype already died down and people have had their share, we decided to grab dinner there :)
3 Private rooms, so Japanese style!  
I knew them off manga haha :x 
Just opened up for dinner time and it's already this packed! Here I thought there won't be a lot of people coming hahaha. Weekends! For walk-ins we were asked to finish ours by 7pm as the ones coming for bookings will come in after us. Imagine how fast we ate. Pfft.
Green tea is good for health! Tea for 4 person RM2.60.

Now, onwards to some of the foods that we ordered! Didn't manage to take photos of the menu as we were pressed of time.
Idako Chuka // RM 8.30 // Baby octopus in vinegar!
Ebi Sushi // RM 8.30 for 2 sets
Inari Soft Shell Crab Sushi // RM 8.30 // Underneath that layer are the soft shell crab
Yakiniku Don // RM 11.45 // Beef Rice! Less of a hassle to eat from Sushi King. SK puts a lot of grated cucumber on top. Succulent flavour for this one!
Chicken Teriyaki // RM 18.20 // Tender chicken in sweet tasty teriyaki sauce!
Ama Ebi Mentaikosushi // RM 13.00
Scallop with Cheese // RM 27.30
Tai Teriyaki // RM 18.00 // Red Snapper in Teriyaki Sauce
** not photographed is the Tsunami Meshi // RM 13 (tomato/chili rice with prawns and deep fried fish as side dish)

Way satisfied than Sushi King! Even though it's on the pricier side, but the foods are definitely worth it. The tastes are better, the meats are juicier... hahah. I would suggest you to book a spot so you don't need to rush and not enjoy the food! Now I know why people from Miri would drive out to Brunei just for a taste of these :D

4.5 / 5

Excapade Japanese Cuisine
(Taman Selera Miri)
Tanjong Lobang,
Miri, Sarawak
Walk In // Bookings at +6017-8978898

P/S: All views expressed are 100% honest. Not a sponsored post :)

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