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Kuching Clean Food Cafe Review

10:39 AM

Salam and hello!

One food place crossed off my checklist when I went to Kuching recently! Had been wanting to go here ever since I saw Kevin Zahri hanging around here with the Jom Kurus leaders in Kuching area. Haha.

Experts in healthy food with 10 years experience as back up, Kuching Clean Food provides nutritious wholesome and health-conscious cuisine made from fresh organic ingredients by a certified culinary team driven by passion.
Ordering from the menu was a breeze.
Most of the ingredients are organic and healthy so no worries! As you can see, chocolate is still acceptable in clean foods haha :p just take them in moderation!

Next up, feast your eyes!
Honey Lemon + Mint Leaf // RM 6.90
One of the drinks we had. Mine! Meant for detoxing hehe. Because I ate a looottt of yummy foods when in Kuching lol.

Saute Brown Rice Chicken // RM 16.90
This was my menu. The chicken slices were hidden hence the reason why it looked kinda plain :) pepper was kind of strong but tolerable (I'm not a spicy person hahaha)
Healthy Kampung Fried Rice + Fried Egg // RM 9.90 + RM 2.50
Grilled Salmon with Brown Rice // RM 29.90
I have never seen salmon cooked this good haha. So... juicy. Lol. Wasn't my menu. Just saw how sexy the salmon looked when my siblings ate them haha!

Eating clean food does not mean you have to give up good food! Just that you have to change the way you eat them. Haha. Here at KCF I'm sure you'll be surprised - for first timers that is. As for me, I've been eating clean for awhile now so lack of ingredients or so does not bother me haha. The only thing is that the fried rice/sautee rice portion is quite a lot lol so portion control would be nice hihi. 

4.5 / 5

If you are ever interested to try and check them out,

Kuching Clean Food
Lot 297, Lorong Rubber 9 Off Jalan Rubber,
93400 Kuching
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 10 AM-11 PM, Fri - Sat 10 AM - 12 AM, Closed on Sundays
Facebook: KCH Clean Food

Til then blurbers!

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