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Curtains Down: Fat to Fit Bootcamp Batch 4

8:40 AM

Salam and hello!

I've been neglecting my blog for quite sometime now. Hehe.

Anyways, one of the reason that I'm rather busy with life is that I have been joining this bootcamp here locally for 4 batches now. From 3 initial group of less than 50 people in Batch 1, to 100+ people registered in Batch 4 divided by two sessions per week (Saturday group or Sunday group).

Some of the things we do.

Had planned to make this final batch end smoothly and sweetly. I guess not. Hahaa. There's even drama occurring in these kinds of events too. I suppose because the number of people increased, hence more personalities clashed. All I can say is that mine clashed with so many people, more like mine clashed with one person but it spread out to other people and so my good name is tarnished. Hahaha. Some people just cannot be trusted, a lesson to be learned :)

Wanted to make a parting speech so here goes!

Firstly I would like to express my gratitude towards Coach Adenan and Coach Saiful for making F2F happen! Without you guys pioneering I would not be doing anything after JK1M. Thank you for pushing us, guiding us and whooping our ass out. Haha. I will miss doing the weekend challenges and waking up early in the morning to get our ass kicked. My weight is still stagnant, but I know I'm stronger than when I first started; managed to drop a little more fat and build some muscle! (can even do a wall handstand longer!). My effort won't stop even if I am no longer an official F2F member.

Also, a big thank you to the power couple, Dea and Mael for introducing us to F2F. My Gossip Bersimpoh Crew (Aty, Zati, Dab, Fieyda, Pijot, Aud), thank you for being the most supportive workout buddies with the additional topics we always chat about haha. My ex teammates in F2F, thank you for trusting me to be one of your leaders from Batch 1-3.

To those drama lovers and haters of mine in F2F, you don't know me that well or know me at all, especially when you only heard from that side of the story instead of listening to mine too. Some personal grudges from work was also passed around. Judge me all you want, I don't live to please you ;) thanks for all those comments, I appreciate it. Especially those who prayed for me to get slimmer! :p

So what's next for me? Stay tuned!

Til then blurbers!

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