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Pure 9 Juices Review

10:00 AM

Salam and hello!

Cold pressed juices are becoming a hit here in Borneo, whilst Kuching (and probably Kota Kinabalu) has already started with this concept, cities like Miri and Bintulu are slowly introduced to them as well. Today I would like to review another local brand of cold pressed juice, but before that here's some introduction on it!
"Pure9 Juices is a first truly Borneo brand of cold pressed juices proudly made in Kuching, Sarawak; designed and distributed by Pure Nine (a company co-founded by Nick and Nee) and passionately crafted and juiced by Pure Naturale Juicing Company using local and imported fruits and vegetables. Our cold pressed juices are made of 100% fresh produce with no water added, no additives or artificial sugar, no preservatives, no flavouring or colouring, and no pasteurisation." 
Some lovely facts on these wonder juices:-
  • 100% natural - made with 100% natural ingredients, with no additives, no colouring, no preservatives, no artificial flavourings, and no sugar. 
  • These juices are not pasteurised. Pasteurisation is a process that heats a product to a high temperature to prolong shelf life. This process may kill present microbes, however, it also damages precious nutrients and enzymes. By not pasteurising our juices, we are giving you the valuable life nutrients found in raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Cold-pressed juice uses little to no heat to press and extract the juice and hence, retain the vital nutrients and enzymes, and reduce oxidation. Drinking cold-pressed juices in the purest form helps the body to absorb the nutrients more efficiently and effectively. The juice is extracted by pressing with no heat/little heat, vital nutrients, minerals and enzymes remain undamaged, un-oxidised and easily absorbed. 
  • Cold-pressed juices are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and provide instant nourishment, whereas solid foods can take hours to digest.
  • Shelf life of only 5 days. The juices are delivered to you within 24 hours of pressing. The juices still taste good after 5 days but best to be taken during the time period as the benefits of juices will slowly diminish over a longer period of days hence the short shelf life. 
  • Statewide - Pure9 Juices is available in 4 major cities: Kuching as HQ, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri and thus serving the consumers statewide in Sarawak.
D-Green || RM12
Ingredients: Spinach, Kale, Green Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon
Purpose: Detox II - Powerful purifier & scrubber for the body
Inside Out || RM12 
Ingredients: Green Apple, Orange, Lemongrass, Lime
Purpose: Detox I - Cleanser for liver, kidneys and blood. Eliminates toxin from body. 
Enchanted || RM12 
Ingredients: Kiwi, Green Grape, Green Pear, Green Apple
Purpose: Beauty - Skin nourishing, hydrating and skin clearing
Beet-It-Up || RM12
Ingredients: Beetroot, Carrot, Berries, Apples, Green Pear, Coconut, Lemon
Purpose: Pure Cleansing - Liver cleansing & regulates bowel movement

Most tolerable is definitely Enchanted, judging by the ingredients. Haha. The most normal juice out of all four. The weirdest one wasn't Beet-It-Up but instead was D-Green (the beets is the 2nd weirdest), the cucumber and kale taste were the strongest. Gosh. It's not that bad, promise! Hahahaha. I am looking forward to try more recipes. Maybe one day I'm able to get a machine of my own since I'm a sucker for this lol.

Here's how you can get yourself some of these babies!

Facebook page Pure9 Juices
Walk In @ Tabuan Plaza Workshop, Kuching

Mirians can contact the person below for your juice shots:-

Oh, and they renew their menu every week so take note! I can safely assume you are able to try new flavours every week :) 

Til then blurbers!
P/S: This post is not sponsored amd all opinions expressed is 100% honest!

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