Benang Hijau Wonder Lily Instant Shawl Review

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

As of lately, people are always pressed for time. Always rushing here and there. So to avoid wasting time, a lot of alternatives especially clothes were introduced. Including hijab. Specifically gonna talk about shawl here! 

Usually for myself, I'd prefer wearing shawls compared to the typical bawals (nope not the fish!). But it does takes time for myself especially if I am running late. Hence, time to move on to instant shawls! 
How exciting to be reviewing these today! Before we begin here is some background story on Benang Hijau:
"Benang Hijau is a Malaysia based company which expertise in selling custom made hijab and elegant muslimah clothing. In 2015, we proudly launched our first ever collection composing chic muslimah clothing with sophisticated cuts and high end tailoring.

Among our popular hijab product are Lily, our double loop instant shawl. With its effortless design and comfortable fabric it catch the hearts of our customer. Each of our scarf goes through a lengthy quality check in our factory before it is approved for sale to our #BHdarling.

With a growing demand for our clothing and scarf design we aim to always keep our stores updated with latest creation of stylish trends that can be wear by Muslim or non-muslim.

Now we have our boutiques and pop up stores around Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Pahang, Johor, Penang, Terengganu and Kelantan."
Got crazy and end up buying quite a number. Haha.
Wonder Lily Instant Shawl Size L in colours Boysenberry and Red || Price: RM 54 each
Wonderlily Marble Crepe Instant Shawl in Cream Square and Black Leaf || Price: RM 49 each

Do not use cotton types inner, use something like... lycra I think. Lol. Quite slippery on my head, so I'm like a mad woman having to keep adjusting these on my head :v love the material, cooling :D All double loop shawls (it comes with 2 loops, one ends with label indicated it is the second loop. First, you need to slip the shorter loop, twist and slip again.) You do not need to pin them unless you want to adjust the length on your shoulders especially the size L. Perfect for muslimahs who want to look modern yet abiding our syariah.

Mari, mari abang, kakak, adik, suami, isteri!! 

Eh. Hahaha. Plus Raya is coming soon! Why not purchase? Head down to:

Instagram: @benanghijau
Before I forget,

Til then blurbers!
P/S: This post is not sponsored. 100% honest review.

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