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LED Mirror by Malaeka Ventures Review

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

Are you the type of person whose a traveller, be it for leisure or for work?
Do you find it hard to get good lighting and comfort when doing your makeup?

In my case, when I travel back to mom's village (usually during festive season!), the mirrors can be considered scarce, especially if you have the rest of your clan around wanting to use the mirrors as well. Haha. I was always one of those who ended up being late because my makeup takes time to be perfected *rollseyes

Anyways! Malaeka Ventures had been my go-to for this kind of problem. Haha. I've recently purchase something that's very useful for your on-the-go makeup routine (skincare too!).

Introducing the LED Mirror <3

Initially I wanted to purchase this baby in black, but Atikah (Malaeka Ventures' owner) persuaded me to get it in white instead. I don't regret the decision thou, it looks classy! But watch out for dirty fingers ;)

As you can see, the brightness is adjustable. You just put your finger on the button and swirl to the right to dim :)

Price: RM 139

Fret not, they are open for order after Raya! With a larger mirror, more colour choice <3

Facebook: Malaeka Ventures
Instagram: @mymalaeka

To Sarawakians,

Happy Sarawakian Day!

Til then blurbers ;)

*P/S: This post is not sponsored, all views expressed are 100% honest

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