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Mystic Messenger Otome Game Review

11:07 AM

Salam and howdy!

Pardon for not logging in for awhile. I have been distracted with a lot of things lately - now that I have my assignment questions out I am getting busier hahaha. I have so many drafts ^^;

I miss beauty reviews Q.Q

Anywayssss, one of my ways to de-stress lately is by playing this one otome game. Hahaha. I'm usually not a fan of these things. Let me tell you why, but first!

It's not just any ordinary otome game....

....it has voice actors. hot voices for hot characters haha
....it has its own schedule
....your route with selected characters is based upon the the hearts you've collected during days 1-4
....the route lasts for 11 days, where the final day is for party!

These are the characters of which their route can be played.

The routes are also divided into two types of stories - Casual and Deep. So far I'm finishing most of the Casual story, with good ending of course. I'm scared to get bad ending hahahahahahaah.

All I can say this is such a distraction especially if you are single lmao.

That's all I can reveal! If you are curious do download to your phone hehehee.

Good luck!

P/S: This is not a sponsored post!

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