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Zentangling with Hana?

11:01 AM

Salam and hello!

Currently de-stressing by doodling zentangles. Lol. I am not this type of doodler, but I am always envious of those who could. I think my sister could also doodle this type of art. Hehe.

Anyways, apparently I have a loooottt of drafts. I'm too busy T^T usually I would have time to at least take photos at night but I am always occupied with working out then my small time business haha :/ so much to do so little time.

So far here are some of what's in my drafts:
  1. Who's Your Style Icon?
  2. Bibir by #syedkillereyes Review
  3. Good Food & Bad Food for your skin!
That's all for the update for now! Will try to manage drafts in the weekeenddd.

Til then blurbers~

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