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Bibir by #syedkillereyes Review

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

I should probably start a lippie section on my blog hahaha. This post is in the draft section for soooo long now!

Liquid lipsticks are trending in Malaysia. That we all know. I am seeing more and more popping out like everyday! So far I have tried those from Velvet Vanity, Sugarbelle Cosmetics, Ruby dan Roses... just to name a few. Planning to put more on my list in the future.

Back to the main topic! Let me tell you a little bit about the main star of this post!

BIBIR by #syedskillereyes is founded by one of Malaysia's leading makeup artist, Syed Faizal Syed Noh. 9 shades were brought out as his founding shades.

So many to choose from! Lol if I could I would get it all but hahaha girlll you only have one lip. Maybe next time? Anyways back to the main point, let's check out what I've bought for myself!

As I have purchased so many pink-shade nudes as of lately, I decided to try brown nudes, a shade that I would not usually pick. Lol. They look a lot like they're orange thou (blame my lighting T,T). Waited for a month for them babies as they were preorders, but they delivered a wonderful job (had one experience where I had to cancel my order from a local brand because the shade I wanted was not available, lazy to share the deets :D)! They dry fast, not sticky and doesn't fill in the cracks in your lips. Steer clear from oily foods for it to last long, as the formula is mostly organic so fret not sensitive lippies!

Where to get them?

Til then blurbers!

P/S: This is not a sponsored post! All opinions expressed are 100% honest~~

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