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Everyday Planners Limited Edition 2017 Planner Review

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

It is nearing the end of 2016. I remember back in 2015 I did own a planner and it helped me plan things throughout the year, only this year I didn't have one as I have forgotten to ahaha. Perks of having a planner is that you can be organised, especially if you are forgetful you can just jot down those important things in your planner.

And so! I decided to get one from Everyday Planners.

Behold :D

    This is the Limited Edition Black Planner for 2017.

    • Durable and Water Resistant Cover
    • Super vibrant Hardcover Cover
    • Leaflets of 100gsm paper
    • Wire-O bound easy for folding in half

    2017 Overview with important holidays highlighted.

    2017 Malaysia Holidays complete and detailed holidays of all states in Malaysia to help you plan for vacations.

    Goal Setting complete with guides and summary section to keep you focused and motivated all year long

    Project Progress to make sure all your tasks/assignments are done successfully all year round.

    Health Tracker monitors your weight and other measurements respectively.
    This part is perfect for me as I do keep track of it a lot this year.

    Budget Tracker - analyze your financial savings and spending monthly.
    Another important part for myself! Women often like to overspend on something lol

    Monthly Quotes motivational quotes carefully selected to inspire your journey.

    Hopes of the month jot monthly progress where you can doodle/brainstorm your progress.

    Monthly Calendar strategise tasks due based on monthly timeline / events.

    Top To-do’s based on the Warren Buffet’s 3-Step Guide to Productivity

    Habit Tracker tracks your daily habits such as jogging / reading / cooking etc
    • 2-page overview with vertical layout
    • Wide and spacious columns to write your agendas
    • Top 5 to-do based on Warren Buffet’s To-do list
    • Daily highlight – what’s today’s important agenda.
    • Blank note spaces to include inspirations, or other reminders.
    Price: RM 67

    There you go! Managed to grab the early bird promotion (RM 47) so I've paid for it less. Minus the shipping fee of course. Not bad for a price like this. I already cannot wait to use it soon!

    Til then blurbers!

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