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Hana's Althea Christimas Wishlist

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

What an exciting news to be kicking off for this Christmas season! So, Althea has recently announced on their Facebook page that they have started an #AltheaXmas giveaway for bloggers and youtubers! So I'm trying out as well. Teehee.

Santa Althea is being generous again this year by rewarding a few lucky elves of Althea a Christmas box that is going to be filled with their Christmas wish list~ so here goes nothing!

1. Petitfree Hate U! Red Spot Sulfur Powder
I own a Mario Badescu Drying Lotion but it's hard to get these days (not sold separately on Sephora any longer). So I need a fast-acting acne spot treatment and quick-drying solution to shrink whiteheads overnight. In my opinion, this one from Petitfree is a perfect alternative for Mario Badescu's. Its purpose is also as a spot care sulfur powder that soothes the troubled skin spot. - (link)

2. [MILKY DRESS Grand Opening] White Virgin Powder

They say curiousity kills the cat. Hopefully not this cat! This product from Milky Way claims to have an instant brightening and if you have concerns over skin imperfections such as freckles, scars, dark circles and hyper-pigmentation then this is a solution for you! And hopefully me? Since I do have some scars and dark circles ahahaha. - (link)

3. aromatica Tea Tree Purifying Shampoo

Hair issues. I've tried many brands already. From Bawang to Safi Shayla but the same prob keeps coming back - dandruff. Lol. It's very annoying, especially if you are a hijab user like me. Scratching your head like a monkey 😂 hahahahaha I don't ask for much, just something to help me go through the day awesomely 💟 - (link)

4. aromatica Orange Cleansing Sherbet

A sherbet type cleanser of refreshing feeling which removes makeup and blackhead. Being an avid makeup user, I'd want my skin to be cleared thoroughly before I sleep through the night. Andddd I am sure it smells good because it's orange for goodness sake! - (link)

5. Natural Pacific Pink Calming Soap

Best for irritated skin, exhausted skin... I recently realised that I cannot even simply use any cleansers as some of them tend to irritate my skin 😔 it contains calamine powder which is effective in soothing irritation whilst controlling sebum production. Who knows I'd look less exhausted when I am off to work especially when I have no makeup on 😨 - (link)

Dear Santa Althea, I don't ask for much as you can see. I'm very careful with what I put on myself 😂 I hope to get them as a kick-start for myself to prepare for wedding bells maybe? I can hear them ringing next year LOL so I hoped to start sooner 😚 I'm already being consistent with my own health although sometimes I cheated some meals few times haha. Been facing skin problem for awhile now so please Santa! Ahem. Merry Christmas to my fellow friends who will be celebrating!

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