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Galloping into the New Year with Luck?

12:35 PM

Salam and hello!

Being in a diverse country like Malaysia, we celebrate all kinds of celebration. And guess what, Chinese New Year is around the corner! 

Ahem, that said, according to the fortune reading this year, those who are born in Horse years have a rather good reading 😝

"Generally speaking, the year of 2017 will be an auspicious year with favorable fortune for people with Chinese zodiac sign Horse. They will be in a dominant position in all aspects compared with other Chinese zodiac signs and achieve a lot in both career and wealth. They should make the right choice to avoid the possible misfortune. As per 2017 Chinese zodiac fortune prediction, they will find a well-matched partner if they continue to be emotionally loyal. They won’t suffer from serious diseases, but keeping fit should be borne in mind and they are advised to exercise more." - source

Wait, but that is not exactly my purpose on writing a blogpost 😂 

Every year, I never failed to get myself some red packet, or Chinese would call it as "hong bao" 🙈 I hope to get some *shameless* this year, but on a larger scale! 

What am I hoping to get? Behold! 

Product details:
  • Hardened Japan stainless steel six wave action blades allows for greater product versatility
  • Simple operations         
  • Max. 2200W 45000RPM self-compensation German technology motor for uninterrupted operations
  • motor overload reset switch and automatic overheat protector
  • Unbreakable FDA certified 2L high quality transparent jar, BPA FREE
  • Makes multiple drinks such as milkshakes, green smoothies, dry grinding,hot soup, sauces, raw food diet, ice cream, fresh juice and much more.
  • Easy-cleaning
  • Low noise operation

This can be a major game changer, especially for my business! Currently I am using mom's blender lol. Imagine a larger batch, smoother texture. Mmm. 

As an upcoming closet baker (lol), I have been helping my mom around a lot when it comes to baking cakes for these past few years. But with only hand mixers in hand, it does take more time to prepare the cake batter; with mom not able to stand so long preparing these with her knee problems. Hmmm.

When I feel like I want to make something weird, this set would probably help me make it! E.g Sweet Potato and Pumpkin puree haha! 

I like to experiment on making ice cream. Wanted to make natural no weird ingredient ice creams 💪💪 some Lime Sorbet, Matcha Adzuki Ice Cream perhaps?

To trail the road of eating healthy, one must eliminate a lot of oil in their food! Hence this Philips AirFryer was chosen. 

  • Great tasting fries with up to 80% less fat!*
  • Rapid Air Technology for healthier frying
  • Adjustable time and temperature control
  • With the Airfryer you can fry, grill, roast and even bake
  • Recipe booklet full of inspiring recipes
  • Unique design for delicious and low-fat cooking results
  • Easy to clean and creates less smell than normal fryers
  • Large cooking capacity for all your favourite recipes
  • High-power performance for fast cooking results

Heck, what a gorgeous grand total of everything! 

RM 2,017 😳😳😳

Haha. Why did I choose these? Household items, really? Lately I've been in the kitchen a lot, experimenting new foods and beverages 💭 if I happen to have these appliances, it would definitely make life easier. Maybe impress le future husband? Pfft.

Well, crossing my fingers and may the good luck falls upon myself this year! 😝 

What else is red hot this upcoming CNY on Lazada?

That said,

Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Til then, blurbers!

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