Postive Vibes in 2017!

3:36 PM

Salam and hello!

Not too late to post in the new year eh? Haha.

Firstly I would like to thank you, small portions of readers :'D (if anyone was reading). 2016 had me seriously lacking in blogging. I can't promise more frequent posts but I hope to write quality posts! Maybe I'd be running off from beauty a little this year?

I don't have a lot of highlights in 2016 but I shall try re-capping some of the obvious ones:

1. You can never run away from backstabbers. 
I've learnt this lesson twice during 2016, with different sets of group of course. I did wrote about one earlier in 2016. Haha. As for this 2nd group, it was unexpected actually. But I guess my heart was already that numb to feel 😲 lol. Initially some gathered secretly behind the larger group to protect this particular person, but this secret group ended up getting thrown under the bus by this particular person just for her to save her ass. Pfft. I hope you people live long and prosper haha 😂

2. Fadza Ltd
My small business kicked off during Ramadhan month in 2016. Co-partner with my current bae. Ahem.  Originally named "Fadza Fruits" as we used to sell fruits in a cup 😛 and from then we slowly grew by making awesome all natural smoothies! Sold exclusively during my sessions in TFC Fit (for few months) and now continuing through 911 Crossfit.

3. Relationship Talk
Yeapppp. This dude managed to pierce through my icy cold heart hahaha! Annoying most of the time, but he's a keeper lol. Think we're going into a one year relation this year. Pfft. It's still very very new but there may be bells soon? Dream on woman 😪

So what's next in 2017?

1. Umrah 2017
I do not know when. I have been planning to go for 2 years now but I have not had the opportunity yet. In sha Allah, I hope it will be done this year.

2. Expanding Fadza Ltd
I have a lot of ideas for Fadza Ltd! Right now Fadza is ongoing with Fruits in a Cup and Smoothies, maybe sooner or later we will add on more to the menu~~~

3. Less Bullshit. 

4. Earn More Shizzles. Assets.

I guess that's basically it. I don't aim a lot. Plan to concentrate on what I have currently and polishing them up to be better. Til then blurbers!

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