Haurabelle Lolita Suit Review

10:35 AM

Salam and hello!

Today's post is a little bit on fashion. Haha. Don't normally write on this particular topic because my clothes and OOTDs are usually so. SIMPLE. Really! But today I had to share this outfit that I've gotten from Haurabelle. This fashion is trending amongst private labels here in Malaysia these days, then again you gotta be smart in choosing them since they all almost looked alike and of course with different price tags and brandings. Ahem. The awesome thing is that you can wear them to work, casually, or home visiting like I did this Chinese New Year!

All the colour looked lovely! But I can't get it all haha. Here's an OOTD of mine 😘

What I'm Wearing
Shawl: Local small seller
Outfit: Haurabelle Lolita Suit in Maroon
Happy Feet: Summit
Handbag: Benedetti POLO Creations
Pardon this photo, my photographer during the day was annoyed so this was the only shot I could get out of him haha 😂 Specifically chose a red hue theme for my suit as I planned to wear it during CNY. Loved that it's comfortable to move in! I am not that tall thou, but thank goodness the front hem was too short (my belly is close to getting exposed haha!). So far that's the only prob I've got. Wish that it's a little longer - gets self-concious once awhile lol. Bought this on a promo price of RM100 (NP: RM169) 😍 Oh! To add on, it's wudhu friendly and nursing friendly too 😄

There are many more clothings so feel free to check out their Facebook!

Til then blurbers! 

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