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Aren't You A Little Sensitive There? : Veet Sensitive Touch Review

10:21 AM

Salam and hello!

Ya see, when it comes to snipping off unwanted body hair, I prefer to go to the most painless but quickest way - which is using the depilatory cream. But how about the sensitive areas like the brows, the little lippies moustache that you own? 😂😂😂 I hate those hahahaha. Had to painfully wax lol. Ahem. Usually the best way for them to not grow fast is by waxing (OMG). When you have time.

What if you don't?

What if you are in the midst of travelling, then suddenly..



Before we begin talking about those extra hairs, let me introduce you to..

Recently a Veet Sensitive Touch workshop happened to introduce the product to the public.

During the launch, Tiffany Tang, Marketing Director of RB Malaysia and Singapore in her speech said,
“Research has shown that unfortunately the market does not cater to method that treats each sensitive area with the precision, gentleness and convenience it needs. Hence, women seems to need a whole armory of tools like razors, tweezers, cream, wax strips and so on to tame those tricky terrains.”
(3rd from left) Amber Chia (Malaysia Supermodel and Actress), Tiffany Tang (Marketing Director of RB Malaysia and Singapore), Stevensunny (Celebrity Makeup Artist) and models presenting the new
Veet Sensitive Touch at the workshop.

Three looks shown and introduced during the workshop done by celebrity makeup artist, Stevensunny

A game-changing device that comes with various detachable heads to facilitate accurate and gentle hair trimming at sensitive body parts, such as the eyebrows, underarms and bikini lines. The cutting blades are specially designed to never touch your skin during usage, hence no risk of cuts.

20mm trimming head for other body areas with comb
attachment to uniform hair length

2-sided trimming head: 16mm and 6mm for optimal
eyebrow shaping, 2mm and 4mm comb attachment to
uniform hair length

Each Veet Sensitive Touch comes with one beauty styler, one two-sided precision head for optimal eyebrow shaping, one bikini trimming head, two comb attachments, one styler cap, one cleaning brush, and one beauty pouch. The device runs on an AA battery, which is included in the packaging too. Veet Sensitive Touch retails at RM119.00 at major pharmacies nationwide and online retailers.

As for my personal experience using this?

I did not use this on the bikini line area since there's no point (I wear hijab haha) for me to expose. Tried onto my mini moustache and my eyebrows (we're not supposed to trim our eyebrows either but this is for experimental purpose 😓)..

Fascinated by how easy it was to shave those unwanted hairrrrsssss! You can see I already lost my moustache pfftt. Pardon me blocking my brows haha but I did trim the extra hairs to shape my eyebrows, makes drawing them more easier 😻

Overall it is a lovely product, well done Veet! Furthermore it's easy to bring them anywhere in a travel bag. May come in handy when I trim clients' brows 😁😁😁😁 makeup purposeeee. 

More deets about Veet Sensitive Touch:

Til then blurbers!

P/S: Although this product is sponsored, all opinions expressed are 100% honest. 

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