Hana Blurbs: Post Exam Season etc

4:26 PM

Salam and hello!

Just a quick update, since my blog is literally dying. Had to go on a hiatus for awhile. Not that I am not trying to look for new materials butttt...

.... exam season just finished, so I am graduating soon! I have not gone shopping for new things lately, as I plan to finish up whatever products I have in my stash. My skin is acting crazy, so my plans to do some makeup looks for my blog and Youtube has to be put on hold. Have yet to resort to Cetaphil and Cosmoderm. Maybe soon. Hate that my skin still acts up even though I am already over 25 -_- And as if my weekly schedule is not packed with work and exercise after hours, I've gone to a few makeup classes already on weekends.

Some of my works. Still green. Haha. Available for hire especially in Miri, Sarawak! 

Oh! I am attending weekend Mandarin classes with my sister. I plan to increase my advantages when I apply for higher positions. Ahem. On a side note, I am preparing for the next chapter of my life too. It's that time of the age. Lol.

I think that's about it for my updates. Hoping to post up some good posts! If anyone is reading lah. 

Until next time!

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