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NR Cosmetics Foundation Review

11:40 AM

Salam and hello!

Yet another local powerhouse who recently came up with his own line of foundation!

Nuex Rosli is one of Malaysia's aspiring MUA~ He first started out with his clothing brand (which I happen to also own his instant shawl lol), and now his own cosmetics line where he introduced us to his Makeup Starter Kit. And now, the foundations in their own bottles!

There are 3 shades available - Light, Medium, Dark.
Of course, mine is in the shade Light.

Overall, I'm in LOVE. Texture wise, it's able to cover up nearly all of my blemishes. Needed two layers for myself. It has a very soft scent when you put on your face, vanilla some sort. But it's not strong so no worries! It helps a little with my pimples, as it also has a soothing ingredient in it.

On the other hand, also tried it onto my model during makeup class 😍😍😍


RM119 exc postage. What a deal! But be quick, they're almost always out of stock especially for this shade. You can also check out the rest of his items and shawls while you're at it!

Psst! He also has an ultimate makeup guide book with Syedewa that you can get here!

Til then blurbers!

P/S: This product is not sponsored. Review 100% honest!

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