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Althea Ramadhan Special Box

10:30 AM

Salam and hello!

How was your Raya? For me, despite taking my leave during the Raya week only.. I guess things were a little bit more fun this year. Went back to mom's village, then dad's village and Brunei the next day haha. Just for info, the villages weren't that far as it is still in the same district 😁😁

And so, this is the continuation of my post here - let's see what I've bought for myself this time!

My version of Ramadhan box from Althea!

This time I am emphasizing more on skincare items.With a balance of makeup as well tee-hee.

Played with most of them already, let's just hope I'll write a review out of them!

Til then blurbers!!

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