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Quick Mini Shopping Haul

9:26 AM

Salam and hello!

I haven’t been shopping as much lately, as I want to focus on buying things that I need instead of the things that I wanted. 

As shown here you can tell these are veeeerrry random items haha. 

1. Eyebrow Henna by Syahmimi - I got both Black and Brown. This item is rather trending as of lately because usually inai is usually used to dye hair but never tried onto the brows. It’s also not the same as the traditional one and they are waaayy more easier to work with. If you know Maybelline Tint Eyebrows it works almost the same. Brown don’t work on me coz my brows are more pigmented than the colour 😂 I work more well with Black.

2. Hi Brows - Another type of henna, only this shade is Grey. A little tougher to work with than #1, but the colour is a little better than the latter. 

3. Hada Labo AHA+BHA Double Action Exfoliating Formula - never tried AHA BHA stuff on my face. IDK but its wedding season soon and my skin isn’t getting any better 😅 bad idea to try this so late but it is worth a shot! 

4. RiRe Luxe Gel Eyeliner - Got the shade in Tear Pink, wanted a shade for subtle waterline instead of the usual white or silver. Haven’t tried it out on the eyes yet but it is rather subtle alright! 

5. I.J Collection Glowing Spray - had to have this! Was looking at the review on IG and wanted to try it myself; my setting spray is finishing anyways ☺️ and oh I got that mini curler from the same seller as well.

6. Inai Merah Menyala - Another trending item where back in the days you need to find some inai leaves to put some inai on your fingers. As for this one you can just dip your fingers into it and let them sit for 5 minutes atleast. No need for overnight drying. Got mine in Sexy Red and Seductive Red.

7. Kryolan Loose Powder - the star of my haul. Kryolan is well known especially amongst MUA for their quality. Although the one you see here is merely a mini size, you don’t need to use as much despite being a loose powder. Will save this one for a separate review! 

Too bad my eyeshadows couldn’t make it in time for this post. All I can say is those babies are full of surprises and I cannot wait to get them! 

I guess that’s all for now folks! Til then blurbers~

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