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Hello there! Welcome to my blog :D

I am Hana - one of my many nicknames derived from my my original name, as Hana was the alternative when people could not pronounce my first name. Teehee. Also, Hana means "Flower" in Japanese :p a few people also acknowledges me as Syaza.

A proud Sarawakian with 1/4 Bruneian blood. Working adult by day, blogger in between day and night. Hehe.

Random. Loud. Weird. I am a rather quiet (some said that I look arrogant) person but when you get to know me you will know how I act like.! I am a Leo-Virgo cusp baby. Even so, my personality leans more towards a Leo than a Virgo. I think I'm funny, with dry humour. Blergh.

Hobbies: Draw, read manga rather than watching anime, food hunting, games, working out? *chuckles

Not photogenic at all. Evidence as shown HAHA.
Loves to eat. And it shows on my body. Pfftt.
Adrenaline junkie, but scared of getting hurt. Hahaha. Pain is not my friend.
Likes to travel, although currently with my eyes. Hehe.
Life-long dream: JAPAN. Ever since I was 13!
Milestone: Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia Season 4 winner for Miri, Sarawak

English-based blog from Malaysia.
Blog genre: Personal, beauty, lifestyle

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Skin condition: normal to dry; acne scars; sensitive; hormonal pimples

P/S: All images in this blog are mine unless stated. Do not steal, I repeat, DO NOT STEAL! :D  
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